Workpieces, tools and processes

Tools and methods as sophisticated as they are highly specialized and with enough room for individual customization: esco solutions are predestined for the design, manufacture and quality control of gears, threads, gear cutting and threading tools and for the wide range of profile-bound precision cutting tools. No matter whether for the automotive industry, power generation or medical technology. Of course, configured according to requirements and with exact results.

Teeth are our core competence

From high-precision manufactured running gears for drive trains in the automotive sector to ball screws, from power skiving to thread whirling: we know gears, threading, gear cutting and threading tools, the broad field of precision cutting tools as well as the corresponding manufacturing processes inside out. Get an overview of the wide range of our experience - and rest assured: With esco at your side, you will not only benefit from a wealth of experience, the esco software tools with their digital database and standardized - yet flexible - interfaces are of course Industry 4.0-capable. This is how classic engineering combines with modern information technology.


Precise transmission of movement tooth by tooth

They interlock perfectly: the definition of the gearing, the design of the gearing tool including feasibility analyses, tool production and quality control. The goal and end product is a high-quality gear, large-modules for ship cranes or wind turbines, in gear dimensions for drive trains in passenger and commercial vehicles, or as a high-precision miniature version for a clockwork.

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Machine elements that hold - or move

Their diversity is impressive: the bone screw holds the implant precisely in place, the expansion shaft screw holds the cylinder head on the engine block, screws made of high-strength materials connect components in aerospace technology. Ball or planetary screw drives are responsible for µm-precise movement. The prerequisite for perfect function is always the highest precision in design, production and quality assurance.

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Precision Tools

Responsible for the exact profile

They are the demanding individualists: 

the precisely profiled end mill for finishing the flank of a compressor rotor, the ball track cutter for constant velocity joints, the fir tree cutter for the turbine blade seat. Or something seemingly simple: an indexable insert for grooving a piston ring groove. You demand the "µ" on the cutting edge - ground and measured.

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"Well-founded technology and industry knowledge, proximity to application technology and an intensive exchange with you: With this recipe, we achieve your goals. Together."

Marion Franken, Division Manager Metrology