Profile-bound precision tools: The production of individualists

The tool design provides the rotational geometry of the precision tool and the definition of the flute. PTM takes care of the rest: the calculation of the spatial cutting edge and the process-dependent description of the tool for the tool. Intelligent postprocessors ensure that the machine understands what it has to do afterwards.

Chip-removing precision cutting tools

Profile-bound monoblock tools

  • Standardized and special profile cutters

(Indexable) cutting insert equipped tools

  • Standardized and special profile cutters

Profile (indexable) inserts

  • Profile bound cutting inserts

Gear and thread milling cutters


Manufacturing methods for precision cutting tools

Soft machining with geometrically defined cutting edge

  • Slot milling
  • Profile relief turning
  • NC form back turning


  • Slot grinding
  • Profile relief grinding
  • NC form back grinding
  • Non-circular profile grinding (thread formers)
  • Free angle grinding with form grinding wheels

Spark erosion machining

  • Wire EDM


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