Software solutions for automated manufacturing

For the highest demands: Our intelligent software solutions accompany you through design, production and quality control in the main areas of gears, threads and precision tools. ClosedLoop applications are the icing on the cake.

Digitization provides the impetus

The demands on tool and process development are constantly increasing, the pressure to manufacture not only with high precision but also efficiently and in a resource-saving manner is considerable. Those who not only want to keep pace on the global market, but also set the pace, can take advantage of advancing digitalization.

Since our founding in 1993, we have relied on tools developed in-house that combine engineering expertise, programming know-how and practical experience from the manufacturing industry. With our integrated system solutions, we have risen to become a globally sought-after provider for manufacturing simulation, manufacturing automation and quality assurance. And we continue to focus consistently on the issues of the future - from technological requirements such as the production of drive components for e-mobility, the increasing need for integrated solutions when measuring workpieces in grinding and milling machines, to environmental aspects such as the reduced use of raw materials and energy.

Complex becomes simple, exotic becomes standard

esco develops and distributes software products and integrated solutions for automated manufacturing and quality control with a focus on:

  • Gearings and gear cutting tools
  • Precision cutting tools (solids and inserts, profiled inserts)

For all software products, we attach great importance to intuitive usability and smooth connection to the IT systems and production facilities customary in the industry. If you have special requirements and unusual preconditions, our internationally experienced programmers will develop an individual solution that is exactly right for you. Because we dare to do almost anything - expect compromises

"esco software tools cover all relevant requirements for the geometric design and manufacture of the tools. The tool data are at the same time the input for the automated measurement and the standard-compliant creation of the test reports. This is how we meet your requirements. Without tolerances."

Dietmar Ernst, Head of Technology


High-precision manufacturing simulation

Engineering instead of empiricism: The virtual machine represents the part to be manufactured and the manufacturing kinematics. Feasibility analyses help to evaluate design variants. And thanks to postprocessors and interface modules, the tool adapts flexibly to the operational manufacturing environment.

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Production oriented quality control

Visible, inspected quality: As a production-related programming, evaluation and documentation system for coordinate measuring technology, HAWK serves to consistently monitor the geometric product properties. HAWK thus ensures high technical quality and efficient processes - reliably and exact.

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PTM and HAWK in the Closed Loop

Core of a quality controlled production

The key to consistent, technology-driven quality management: The ClosedLoop reduces the time required by conventional methods from design to completion of a high-quality tool by up to 85 percent.

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