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As a future-oriented tool manufacturer, do you want to continue playing in the premier league of gear cutting? Mastering power-skiving will place you among the technology leaders. Power-skiving in the virtual world - without wasting resources. Then from the virtual world to real tool production: Power-skiving tools, reproducibly high-precision, collision-tested for the respective application.

The power-skiving design for conical and cylindrical tools

Generation of the envoloping toothing with the cutting edge geometry for the production of almost any kind of gearing

  • Geometric/kinematic feasibility analysis
  • Cutting wedge / cutting angle analysis
  • Check for possible collision with interfering contours

secured by the 3D visualization of workpiece, tool and process kinematics

From the virtual world to the real world: the production of power-skiving tools

Profile grinding and indexing generating grinding are available as grinding processes in the virtual machine for process simulation and optimization of the setting parameters. Before the data is transferred to the real machine, the boundary conditions and process parameters are checked and the data is prepared in a control-specific ("G code") or neutral (XML structure) manner.


For profile grinding of cylindrical power-skiving tools and of conically designed "one-way" tools

  • the grinding wheel profile, which depends on the helix angle, rake face shape and wheel diameter,
  • the automatically generated dressing program and
  • the path of the grinding wheel,

for conical tools with additional consideration of the rake and flank clearance angles


For power-skiving of resharpenable conical tools with conical surface grinding or step sharpening

  • the calculated wheel profile for optimised indexing generating grinding with profiled wheel with the following performance characteristics
    • Mapping of any profile shape modifications in the grinding wheel profile
    • Minimization of pendulum strokes ("Niles" kinematics) by specifying the maximum permissible enveloping cut deviations
  • the automatically generated dressing program and
  • the associated grinding paths


The last step to a complete solution: Quality control/ClosedLoop

The process chain is optimally supplemented in terms of quality-controlled manufacturing by connecting the esco measurement and evaluation software: Complete inspection of the profile and all relevant characteristics. The feedback of the measured deviations for error compensation is the option for high-end results in power-skiving cutter production. 
We look forward to presenting you with our solutions for this fascinating process. Or would you prefer to talk to us about other gear or tooling topics? We would be happy to!

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