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Behind esco GmbH stands highly specialized engineering knowledge with a keen eye on the industry and market - driven by our company founders, mechanical engineer Dietmar Ernst and business economist Marion Süßmilch. We have more than 25 years of project experience in international markets. Our expert knowledge and innovative potential have made us a recognized partner for system solutions in our industry.

Expertise and experience

We optimize your automated manufacturing and quality processes - through intelligent software solutions, interdisciplinary know-how and decades of experience. Our engineers and software developers have highly specialized and equally practice-oriented expertise. We know the processes of the gear and tool industry, take time for your individual needs and provide you with digital tools that have been tested many times and developed in-house. The high standards we set ourselves and our daily work have enabled us to rise to become a globally sought-after provider of integrated system solutions for manufacturing simulation, manufacturing automation and quality assurance with a focus on gears and gear cutting tools as well as precision cutting tools. We see ourselves as an enabler for innovation and support you in gaining or strengthening competitive advantages and opening up new markets.

An open mind, interdisciplinary thinking and good judgement: these are the ingredients of esco GmbH's success code, from which we have been successfully developing system solutions since our foundation in 1993. Their future viability is particularly close to our hearts. This is not only demonstrated by our technological orientation - such as the production of drive components for electric cars - we also attach particular importance to resource-saving processes.

Future and innovation

To remain competitive in the long term and be sustainable: This is what we want for our customers. That is why we focus on flexible and sustainable solution concepts with which you can not only optimize current products and ensure reproducible high quality, but also continuously expand your complete product range.

Thanks to the manufacturing simulation solutions we have developed, you receive a realistic feasibility analysis at a very early stage of product development. This gives you better planning capability, increases your productivity and lets you seize new market opportunities. As a technology-driven company, we want you not only to keep pace with technological development, but to actively initiate change. This is how we can actively contribute to your business success.

Specialization and industry knowledge

We address companies in manufacturing technology and quality assurance, in particular manufacturers of cutting precision tools, gears and gear cutting tools as well as grinding machines and coordinate measuring machines. Our software is used in research and development, design, production preparation, manufacturing as well as (integrated) quality control and production metrology, including tool design and manufacturing simulation. The software supports the preparation of feasibility analyses as well as the automatic generation of machine programs for all relevant processes in tool and gear manufacturing.

Modern tools and methods

We can adapt our software to your individual needs and the latest state of the art at any time. This provides you with the necessary agility to constantly improve and renew your products and to react to changing market conditions at any time.

Our system solutions for the automotive industry, drive, medical and energy technology cover all process steps and areas of application from efficient individual production to fully automated, quality-controlled series production. Let yourself be convinced by the clear structure and the user-oriented, target-oriented interface and measurably increase the flexibility and profitability of your production. With all IT solutions, we accompany you during their implementation and use in the company.

With advice and support

We see our employees as the know-how carriers of our company, who think and work independently and interdisciplinarily in a team. In doing so, we combine different competences from the engineering sciences, computer science and business administration under the umbrella of esco GmbH. Together, we have several decades of experience in software development and project work in the areas of production engineering and quality control. Our round twenty employees are specialists in their field and also have the right eye for practical manageability and implementation.

"Our colleagues are committed improvers: with excellent expertise, systemic thinking in process chains and the unconditional will to innovate, they vigorously pursue the agreed goals. We can see that this is successful from the extraordinarily high number of long-term customers."

Marion Süßmilch, Managing Director

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