Quality-controlled, efficient production

Integrated systems instead of stand-alone solutions are the key to optimizing your production. PTM and HAWK, homogeneously linked in the closed loop via internal interfaces, guarantee the reproducible high quality of your production results. Avoiding errors and compensating for deviations where they occur: This means process reliability and minimum throughput times - and ultimately optimized delivery times.

Closed Loop - the core of quality controlled production

Research and development, production, quality control, automatic compensation of measured production-related deviations: PTM and HAWK map the entire chain with a consistent database. HAWK in production-integrated or production-related dimensional metrology and PTM as the leading software - responsible for part geometry and production kinematics - speak the same language in the ClosedLoop. The result: excellent quality with minimum lead time. A competitive advantage that you should take advantage of.

Our PTM and HAWK software solutions are modular in design and fit perfectly into your IT landscape with standardized, yet configurable interfaces. This creates optimal boundary conditions for the configuration of your integrated solution, ideally as a component of your quality management.

The ClosedLoop is the complete solution for the efficient production of precision parts - including documented first-class quality.

Closed Loop meets the highest standards for integrated manufacturing. The software:

  • allows previously unmatched, excellent product qualities to be achieved
  • guarantees smooth processes with reliably calculable use of personnel, machines and resources
  • ensures exact description, calculation and measurement of geometric parameters
  • delivers precise, interpretable results with clear, interactive graphics
  • warns of occurring feasibility problems, errors and risks
  • offers a high flexibility regarding the workpieces
  • works fully automatically, quickly and safely, independent of the operator
  • reduces the risk of errors and lowers development costs
  • efficiently supports material- and resource-saving work
  • increases your efficiency in product and process development

How the Closed Loop works

The ClosedLoop is the production-related control loop: Starting with the data transfer from our tool PTM or other NC programs, you manufacture your workpiece or tool, whose geometry is measured by means of HAWK - also a software developed in-house by us. The deviations detected in HAWK are automatically converted into correction values, which in turn are transferred back to PTM. The error compensation concerns geometry, process or, if necessary, both.

You can achieve an optimum workflow if all the necessary software components are installed directly on the NC control of the machine tool and integrated online into the process sequence via interfaces.

The ClosedLoop in your production

The ClosedLoop components are designed to be machine- and control-independent and can thus be integrated into almost any operational environment. The key to smooth operation are suitable interfaces to your IT solutions in quality assurance or directly to your machine tools and measuring devices - optimally tailored to your needs. We would be happy to define the optimum boundary conditions for your start into quality-optimized tool production with you.

High degree of automation

Depending on the manufacturing environment and the connected measurement technology, HAWK can evaluate digital measurements of geometric quantities - for example from screw, gear or tool measurements - and generate correction values. The nominal geometry can be entered in HAWK or PTM and can be read in either additionally or exclusively via CAx interfaces. The necessary part-specific functionality is automatically activated from the PTM module. HAWK uses the knowledge of manufacturing kinematics, and because everything runs fully automatically, manual intervention is largely unnecessary. The results and the corrections that follow from them are initially machine- and control-neutral and are only formatted in the last step according to the application in the necessary syntax for data communication with programming stations or machine controls.

Full integration

We have seen enough isolated processes and systems that seem to run well as stand-alone solutions, but require immense efforts on the part of the equipment as well as the learning curve of your employees. At esco, we think differently: via standardized or application-specific interfaces, our software can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment, your digital world.

The software works with a variety of machine tools and different (multi-sensor) measuring technology. We have already been able to integrate numerous possible combinations of machine tools and measuring machines into compact, fully automatic system solutions - without having to purchase new machines and devices. The ClosedLoop components are ideally control-integrated - on the machine tool or on the measuring device, optionally also via both variants or via a PC. They are the link to production and work preparation. The ClosedLoop is ready for use from day one. Even very special process or company-specific requirements do not deter us: Together with you, we develop your system solution.

Excellent results

The bottom line is the quality of your manufactured workpieces or tools: We want you to manufacture products at top level. And not just once, but of course on a continuous basis.

Within the ClosedLoop, all modules are therefore intelligently networked with each other and with your machinery. Excellent manufacturing and measuring accuracy in conjunction with the fully automated workflow enable you to keep an eye on all parameters and optimally adjust them to the target requirements. The ClosedLoop is also convincing with regard to the use of resources. You do not need any new machines, avoid errors and rejects, and thanks to the high degree of automation, time-consuming training is not required.

Flexibility through modular design

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